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The Everyday Backpack, Tote and Sling from Peak Design

Peak Design, purveyors of excellent photography-related gear, have launched their latest Kickstarter project for four new bags: two sizes of backpack, a tote and a sling.

My Everyday Messenger, with Capture Clip attached

Last year I joined the Kickstarter funding for their Everyday Messenger bag, a photography-focused messenger bag designed by the awesome Peak Design team and Trey Ratcliff. The ‘EDM’ introduced some fantastic new concepts to camera bags, from the flex-fold dividers that help make best use of the space inside the bag, to thoughtful access and pockets and dedicated mount points for Peak Design's also-amazing product, the Capture Clip.

I've loved using my EDM and it's been with me on trips to San Francisco and northern California, Italy, as well as the daily commute to work in London. The bag works really well for both camera gear and general carry, though I have often wished they'd design a backpack for getting out on long photo walks and hikes where the spread load across your shoulders is more comfortable.

The Everyday Backpacks that have been announced look nearly perfect for my needs and my pre-order is already in for the 30L.

I currently use a Lowepro Flipside 400AW which does a really good job carrying a load of gear pretty comfortably, though does lack on quick access and is definitely on the functional end of the looks scale.

I'm really looking forward to getting the Everyday Backpack later this year and then finding some adventures to take it on. I'll probably be back out to San Francisco before too long and might get in another weekend photography road trip.

Check out the backpacks, tote and sling on Kickstarter. They're already ridiculously popular with $2.5m of pledges so far. It's nice to see clever design and solid work rewarded.

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