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The rally driver

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 47.0mm, 1/160s, f/7.1, ISO 640

A quick post today as I got busy this Easter weekend putting things back together in the house after we had a couple of rooms redecorated. We've still got the kitchen to go (thanks to a broken pipe) but the house is starting to come together really nicely in advance of our first child arriving in July.

Anyway, to today's photo: it's a shot taken at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, up at the rally stage which is one of my favourite things to see at Goodwood (of many).

I'm really happy that the driver got so well lit here. The forest stage can be a mixed bag lighting-wise: usually atmospheric with all the dust that gets kicked up and the odd ray of sunshine streaming through but rarely enough to get this much detail. From memory, this was a particularly sunny year though.

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