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A winter scene

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 105.0mm, 1/200s, f/4.0, ISO 640

Each year, I like to have my own Christmas cards printed. I invariably leave it a bit too late, and it all gets a bit stressful, but I do like to be able to hand over a Christmas card that is the result of my own work. 

One of the major issues I have each year is digging through my library and finding relevant seasonal photographs; we haven't seen much in the way of snow for a few years here in London and my Christmas trips home to the north east haven't had much luck there either so the cupboard has been looking a bit bare for classic winter scene source material. This year, I got nudged into action a little earlier thanks to a sale at Moo and so went back through my Lightroom catalogue in search of good, unused winter images. 

I ended up pulling a bunch of nice shots out from a set I've used in the past, finding some lovely photographs I hadn't used before, so I thought I'd share them here too. These are photographs taken back in January 2013, when London saw quite prodigious snowfall that actually stuck around for a couple of days. At the time, I lived in Blackheath and it was so easy to walk over the heath and into the top of Greenwich Park. On the second day I walked further, over to Oxleas Wood which has some lovely wooded areas as well as open meadows and hills which are great for sleds if there's enough snow.

I've included a couple of previously-posted photographs in the set as well, which I processed a good while back and a little differently in style to this recent set I've gone back through. It's always interesting to me how the distance of time leads me to interpret and process my images differently, though that's a post for another day.

The shots from Oxleas Wood all have a bit of a magenta cast to them which may seem like an error but with the near-blizzard conditions that day, they really reminded me of some paintings I've seen before (and sadly can't remember when or where to find the reference) so these are a bit of a nod to that memory triggered while processing in Lightroom.


A winter scene—Greenwich Park and Oxleas Wood

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