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Woolwich and London from the air

FC220, 4.73mm, 1/1000s, f/2.2, ISO 100

Here’s a panorama I took nearly two years ago over Oxleas Wood in South East London. This park/woodland used to be just a couple of minutes down the road from where I lived so I would often drop by if I got a little time to play with cameras.

This image is a pano stitch, taken with the original DJI Mavic Pro, on one of the rare occasions we got proper snow in London. 

Me, in the snow, piloting the Mavic Pro

I’ve always liked this photograph and never got round to publishing it, but as we’re in the dip between Christmas and New Year with no sign of snow as usual, I thought I’d share something a bit more wintry this morning. 

As such a wide pano it definitely works better the bigger you can view it. The London skyline on the horizon with the clouds opening up onto it provides a nice bit of mood in the background to contrast with the warm, low winter sun on the foreground houses and woods.

One of those images that brings back fond memories so may not have the same interest for others but hey, I like it.

Below is another shot from the Mavic on the same day, pointing down and in the other direction at Severndroog Castle. The small snippet of houses in the top right kind of throws the composition off, but it only gets messier opening the composition up further to the top and I can’t go any tighter. I could crop in from the right, but that would lose the lovely little group of trees, dark trunks swimming in the sea of brown leaves and branches.

Looking again now, two years later, I wish I’d spotted that on the day and worked on a more abstract composition just of the trees; I think it could have worked very nicely.

Aerial view of Severndroog Castle in the snow

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