Adam Perfect

Blea Tarn

Fujifilm X-T2, 26.6mm, 1/300s, f/8.0, ISO 200

Last week we took a family holiday out in the Lake District and I went on a 1:1 workshop with landscape photographer, Nigel Danson—an excellent Christmas present from my wife that we had to reschedule from March when the ‘Beast from the East’ stopped travel and our house flooded.

Heavy rain put paid to any ideas of sunrise shooting, so we met around sunrise and visited a few locations through the morning, finishing for lunch. It was a great day and so useful to get a bit of insight into how Nigel approaches his work, as well as simply to visit a few locations with him and see what we found together.

This photograph was taken up at Blea Tarn and was the second angle we set up, having spent a bit more time closer down by the water on a shot I haven't processed yet. Although we moved around quite a bit through the morning, we still worked at a slower pace than I do naturally. It was good to have the encouragement to do what I know I should: slow down, get a composition and then wait for the light.

We were working through a few locations and types of subject through the morning so we couldn't hang around forever, but I'm pretty happy with how this has turned out for a first visit.

Nigel shared an image from the day on Twitter too, which I've embedded here for reference. Thanks again for a great morning out in the Lakes, Nigel!

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