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Beach time

Fujifilm GFX 50R, 90.0mm, 1/950s, f/1.0, ISO 100

After a week of heavy rain, we’re briefly back to bright sunshine here in the North East of England, so I thought I’d share an image from the previous heatwave at the end of May.

I took the kids over to Cullercoats Bay for a mid-morning play on the beach while the weather was so good.

As we walked down the ramp to the beach, this scene lined up in front of me: the couple on deckchairs looking out over the beach and the bay, with the Tynemouth pier lighthouse poking out in the background and on the horizon.

I like that the image is split into multiple layers: 

  • The main(?) subjects: the deckchair couple on the concrete platform for the RNLI base in the near foreground
  • a band of soft, dry sand littered with footprints and a single brightly coloured play tent
  • followed by a band of patchy, reflective wet sand where the tide had just gone out
  • and then another band of smoother, less-reflective damp sand, with a few nicely-distributed beachgoers
  • the water in the bay with a couple of paddleboarders and, if you look closely, a couple of swimmers too
  • a solid block with the rock pools, harbour wall and the land rising up onto the small headland
  • and finally, the open sea, lighthouse peaking out and a cloud-speckled sky

And as I finish this article off, we’re due for potential thunderstorms this evening. Gotta love the British weather!

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