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Levanto book-ends

Fujifilm X-T10, 27.0mm, 1/30s, f/11.0, ISO 3200

I've shared a couple of photographs this evening before: of the surfers and sunset in Levanto, Italy. Two variations on the view looking out to sea while I've had these other two photographs looking each way down the beach, the rise in the land creating nice book-ends to the first two images.

For quite a while now I've had a task on my to-do list to print all four of these images together as I think they'd look nice as a set somewhere. I still haven't gotten round to it, through a mix of procrastination followed by a broken printer. My old Canon 9500 Mk II gave up the ghost and I've very recently replaced it with the Canon PRO-100S. The 10S would have been the more direct replacement but in the end, reading reviews and being realistic about the amount I print, I went for the cheaper option for now (I of course hanker after a Pro-1000 for the imaginary time I'm making lots of print sales).

Anyway, back to the images: Liz and I had driven into Levanto for dinner one evening on our honeymoon, and as such I only took the little X-T10 paired with the tiny 27mm f2.8 pancake lens. Possibly not the best option for low light but I loved that combo and it stops the camera taking from a nice meal out. As I've said in the other posts, the sun was going down and there were plenty of surfers in the sea so I took a few photographs as we walked along the beachfront.

Because I've put less pressure on myself to edit a full set of images from the same event all in one go, I keep discovering new interesting images for years afterwards (I'll never catch up to the backlog of photos I've taken and I'm OK with that). So with even this small set from a relaxed evening in Levanto: I had the early favourite with the rock jetty and surfer mostly silhouetted in the foreground, then later went back and found the dead-on shot with just sunset, waves and surfers in neat lines. Around the same time, I processed these two images looking each way down the beach.

Levanto book-ends | FUJIFILM X-T10

With a bit more awareness at the time, it would've been nice to get the horizons lines up on these two, but never mind. Something to think about for future when shooting around a scene.

Across the two surfer shots and the left/South East-facing shot above, I really love the colour palette. The North West-facing image feels a bit colder so I'll maybe go back and have another go at it one day.

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