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I've been designing websites since mid-1998. I've added a few examples of my design work on the portfolio page and will add more as I get round to it/make more sites.


I've been developing PHP sites and applications since 2000 when the need arose for a forums software that actually worked for a website I ran with 5 fellow computer game fans, Haloplayers. The site was one of the top three community sites for the Bungie game Halo and having the forum software randomly deleting posts wasn't exactly helpful, so I set about learning PHP and writing my own, later to become a piece of commercial software, InfinityBoard. Since then I haven't looked back and have developed numerous PHP-driven websites and web applications, from content management systems to online league systems integrated with popular computer games.


One area that took my interest while studying for my degree was usability and best practices for making systems as easy to use as possible. I won't claim to be a world expert on usability, but it's certainly something I take seriously when developing websites and stemming from that (and the advent of better cross-browser compatibility, XHTML and CSS), accessibility. A huge number of people have disabilities of some sort that make visiting websites harder and yet there are plenty of simple practices that can be used to make everyone's lives easier without compromising visual design or functionality. By making websites accessible to everyone (as close as you can realistically get - a site will never be 100% accessible), the sites not only reach a larger audience, they generally work better for 'fully able' people and have benefits such as easier maintenance and better future-proofing - write valid code and it only saves headaches in the future.

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Adam is a Director of User Experience by day and photographer as time allows.

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