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WordPress 2.0 on its way

WordPress, the software I use to run this blog, is in beta-testing for a version 2.0 release and looks pretty cool. I've installed beta2 on another site where I'm planning on setting up a blog and the back-end interface has had some clear improvements made to it. WordPress 2.0 post writing The layout for writing a blog posting has seen the most obvious improvement, with a WYSIWYG-style editor (quite a simple one, but it's actually good to see people keeping things simple where you don't need all the extra bits found in other WYSWIWYGs) and some AJAX effects for the ancillary 'tabs' (category selection, etc.), so they can be minimised and/or re-ordered. There's a beta forum set up on the WordPress site, where you can also download the latest release candidate (they're actually just out of 'real' beta).

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