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PHP on Trax

I've just found (and started playing with) a PHP framework called PHPonTrax that's basically a PHP port of Ruby on Rails. I did mention quite a while ago I was going to look into doing some development in RoR, but a hectic work schedule has meant I haven't actually got round to it properly yet. The main problem is that not only do I have to learn Rails' workings, I need to learn Ruby too and the doubling of required effort means it's gonna need a bit more dedicated time to sit and get to grips with it properly. And so, in steps PHPonTrax. I spotted this only by coincidence when looking at the Sitepoint Ruby forum where someone was after a comparison of the two. It's very clear that PHPonTrax is still in its infancy and doesn't implement everything Rails does just yet, but it's most definitely in a workable state from my first 30 minutes checking it out and it certainly absolves me of the immediate need to learn Ruby in order to use a nice framework like Rails. As a result, I'm going to play with Trax for a while to aid my existing PHP development and at some point I'll hopefully get the time to properly sit down and learn Ruby as its 'everything's an object' style looks very nifty indeed (plus it gets me the proper Rails). At any rate, check out PHPonTrax and/or Ruby on Rails depending on your interests.

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