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As befalls most designers of websites, the urge to re-design (or at least re-align, Cameron Moll-stylee) hit me a while back this site. I still quite liked the old design (above), but there were a few problems with it including the fact that the HTML/CSS wasn't too hot and the menu tended to mess about in some browsers (notably Opera). This new layout is actually XHTML 1.1 compliant and thanks to the beauty of CSS, I've only made two changes to the actual HTML itself (well, three including the doctype change) - moving the menu below the content in the HTML and adding the associated anchor link to the top menu. ... OK, I also removed the old tagline ("Assorted machinations of Adam Perfect"), but that doesn't count :P I do realise that having moved the main WordPress menu to the bottom of the page, the 'menu' link up top isn't entirely obvious as the method of finding it, so I'm going to play with the wording a bit. Any suggestions welcome :)

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