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Let me know when it's cheaper

Browsing my way through the products Amazon had deemed worthy to recommend me today (the gimmick of the new AJAX ratings made it more interesting and less hassle), I noticed a bit of a trend in the way I was rating products/marking them to be ignored/leaving them in the list that could be turned into a handy feature of the site. There were of course those which I already owned, bought elsewhere, and which I simply marked as owned and gave a rating. There were products I had absolutely no interest in and even felt a bit affronted that Amazon would think I might like (but fair enough, their learning systems aren't quite that advanced yet so as to recognise sub-genres and trends within them). There were products I might actually buy in the near future when I've got a bit of spare cash. Finally, there were products I'd quite like, but have no intention of buying at the moment as they're still at/close to full price and I just don't want them that much. Stuff like a film I've already seen, wouldn't mind owning, but won't spend

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