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Yesterday was the CSS Reboot, with hundreds of websites re-launching with nice standards-compliant CSS-based designs. It's a great event for promoting good design that still works to standards and is compatible/accessible/usable. The CSS Reboot is also a great event for promoting your website as a forward-thinking individual, group or company. We re-designed the Net Effects web site last month and included it in the reboot, though we ended up launching a couple of weeks early. At the other end of the spectrum, while looking through the rebooted designs today I found a cleverly-done message explaining why a site wasn't ready for the reboot. fortyeightdesigns' web site is currently a holder page with a Post-It-style note and the following:

November 1st, 2005 Due to an increase in client work we will not be launching our new site during the November 1st CSS Reboot Kenny Saunders
Post-It note with notice to visitors This little note does a couple of things:
  • Keeps the site getting coverage from the many, many people browsing the CSS Reboot website, so they don't miss the opportunity of free exposure
  • Tells people they've got so much client work, they've put themselves on the back-burner. If they're that busy, they must be good right?
The main welcome text mention of the downtime is also pretty well written, but I think I've promoted another company enough for one day :p

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