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On my daily perusal of the BBC News website, I found a link to a new blog - Nick Robinson's Newslog. Nick Robinson is the BBC's Political Editor (following the departure of Andrew Marr for his own programmes) and despite having done the same job for ITV for the past few years, is a pretty good political commentator/presenter. The Newslog is apparently the first of a series of trial blogs to be run by the BBC and luckily it suits my interest in politics (I'm more an interested observer of politics than an activist). What's also interesting is that the BBC have apparently outsourced their new blogs to be run on Six Apart's Movable Type blogging software. As such, is hosted by Six Apart in the USA. I wonder what (if any) issues that might throw up in the future, but it will also save the BBC the hassle of developing their own software to guard against spamming on blogs, which BBC blogs will no doubt attract plenty of.

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