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Although this time paying a bit more for the service (those at a loss to the reference can check out my last web hosting-related post). The web design company I work for got a new dedicated server a few months ago from LiquidWeb, a managed hosting company based in the US. We haven't had to use their support much so far, but I recently got in touch with them for some help/advice on getting a shopping cart system to work on an old client site that'd been moved over to the new server. The shopping cart developers weren't being much help and had asked us to change some settings that looked to me like they would open u psecurity holes. LiquidWeb support replied very quickly saying they'd made the change and explaining about the effect (apparently negligible after all) the change would have on security. The change didn't fixe the problem, but the attitude of LiquidWeb's support staff is what every host/service provider should offer, yet very few do. Anyway, I thought I'd better continue my trend of giving praise where due ;)

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