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Adam Perfect. Funny name eh?


Born in Durham (North East of England) on 23rd May, 1983, I attended Dame Allan's Boys' School until finishing my A-Levels (who'd stay after that?) before studying at University (Castle) College, Durham University for a BSc in Software Engineering. I graduated in 2004 and after working for a couple of web agencies up North and a start-up for a couple of years, I'm currently helping make cool stuff at

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It's basically here to post links to my photos, of which I take quite a few, and to occasionally mention other mundanities no-one's likely to be interested in, especially to do with web design, development (PHP, Ruby on Rails). I've had the domain name since February 2003 while making up silly band names (I don't have a band, it just came up) and it seemed like a cool name to be used at some point in the future. Two and a half years on and I found a use. So I was right.

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You can contact me by email at: adam at

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Adam is a Director of User Experience by day and photographer as time allows.

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