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Broken Bronica: Navarro River Estuary

9000F, 0.0mm, s, f/, ISO

Here's another of the frames that first, broken, Bronica S2 that I still rather despite the focus problems. This time it's a photograph taken at the mouth of the Navarro River, a small way inland and looking back out to sea. 

Again, basically nothing is in focus here but it's not so bad as to ruin the scene and indeed brings a certain old-fashioned feel to the image that seems to work (for me). 

More interestingly, I had already photographed this same scene three months earlier on a previous trip, but with my Fuji X-T1. The angles are different enough to stop there being a real like-for-like comparison (not to mention the different lighting conditions), but it's interesting to look at a sharp image of a similar enough scene to see what's gained and what's lost.

Similar scene taken three months earlier on my Fujifilm X-T1

Which do you prefer?

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