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Zeiss Sonnar 90/2.8 Contax G

The longest focal length of my Contax G trio, the 90/2.8 is a lens I really haven’t used much so far. I can only mount the Contax G lenses on my Fuji X cameras, making the 90mm a 135mm equivalent, which is a bit interesting to hand-hold and manually focus in most circumstances.

I did give myself a mini challenge on a walk to the local lighthouse and back one day though: taking the X-Pro2 and the 3 Contax lenses. I used the 90/2.8 from the lighthouse and back home, with the open coastline providing good range. Image quality is good across the frame so I’ll try to find some more opportunities to use this one.

Sample image

Here’s a sample image taken with the Zeiss Sonnar 90/2.8 Contax G:

Boardwalk | FUJIFILM X-Pro2, 90mm, 1/1799s at ƒ/1.0

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Sonnar 90/2.8 Contax G
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