Adam Perfect

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 14"

My trusty, original Everyday Messenger finally hit a pretty major fault after almost 7 years of use and while Peak Design were excellent in holding up their lifetime warranty, they sadly no longer make the 15" version.

This v2 has been a bit of a disappointment if I’m honest. The bag is noticeably smaller by design and it’s a shame there isn’t a larger option: my personal laptop luckily happens to be a 14" MacBook Pro but my work laptop is the 16" version so now I can’t use this bag for work.

The top/rear access zippers are both gone, so now the only access into the bag is via the satchel flap: removing one of the main selling points and indeed uses of the bag for me. The front pocket is also now within the main compartment, which has actually been fine so far. I get that it creates an overall sleeker profile but it seems at the expense of what made the original bag great. Also a minor irritation: balance. The bag with laptop in will not easily stand up straight when placed on the floor, where I feel the original did a better job.

Sep 2022present

Peak Design
Everyday Messenger 14"