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Vintage 6x6

Zenza Bronica S2

The first film camera I bought, a 6x6cm medium format tank (albeit a good-looking tank).

Sadly, after buying the S2 on a work trip to California, I returned to London and had the film developed only to find the focusing screen was out of alignment. I had to return it, but I absolutely loved using the S2 and I’ve just recently bought another one.

My first roll of film through the ‘new’ S2 seems to suggest a light leak however, so I either have particularly bad luck with this camera or I’m doing something wrong. More investigation needed…

Sample image

Here’s a sample image taken with the Zenza Bronica S2:

Broken Bronica: Navarro River Estuary | Canon 9000F, 0mm, s at ƒ/


Read my full review of the Zenza Bronica S2:

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