Adam Perfect

Medium format film SLR

Mamiya 645AFD

While the Bronica S2 had been a dud, it got me excited about film photography and I quickly looked around for a replacement. Slightly burned by the faulty S2, I wanted more of a sure thing to get stuck into film with and ended up buying the much more modern Mamiya 645AFD

With a familiar SLR layout and auto-exposure, it was certainly an easier camera to use and I did really enjoy the 645. After a while though, I decided the more familiar form factor and aspect ratio—particularly the ease of shooting with auto-exposure and -focus—was lulling me back into shooting like I did with digital cameras.

All on me, but it was time to go square(ish) again…

Sample image

Here’s a sample image taken with the Mamiya 645AFD:

Canon 9000F Mark II, 0mm, s at ƒ/

Jun 2015Feb 2016

Frames taken