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Another aborted Leica attempt

Leica M10

Nearly a year after trying the M 240, I had another attempt at the Leica M system and picked up a used M10, though it didn’t even last as long as the 240. Leica Ms really need Leica lenses but I still only had the Voigtländer 50/1.5 and quickly got frustrated again.

Worse, the new optional electronic viewfinder was even more awkward to use when using non-rangefinder-coupled lenses and after only a few days I traded the M10 back in for a Fujifilm GFX 50R which has been my main camera since. The M10 is a lovely object but I prefer the handling of the Fujis in almost all other ways. I’m sure I’ll try Leica again one day though.

Sample image

Here’s a sample image taken with the Leica M10:

Leica Camera AG LEICA M10, 50mm, 1/179s at ƒ/4.8

May 2019May 2019

Frames taken